​​​​​​​​​Welcome to the Santa Cruz Masonic Temple

​Rental Information

​The Santa Cruz Masonic Temple is again available for rent for private parties, With some limitations. The rental contracts are at the bottom of this page. If you are looking for a Saturday Night (or single day event) then you want the document "Single Use Agreement". If you click on it, it will open. Depending on your available tools, you may be able to fill out the application right in your browser. If that doesn't work for you, then download it, print it and send it to me at the address at the top of the application. Besure to complete the last page of the application; Schedule "A" which will provide the details of your event.

There is also a document: SC-SLV38 SPP at the bottom of this page. You need to read this document also. It will be upgraded as conditions change, but as of today, it provided the health and safety guidelines by which the Santa Cruz Masonic Temple will function. As the rules in Santa Cruz County change, this document will be updated. There are phone numbers in the document giving you advice concerning the Covid-19 Pandemic and our obligations as an event venue.

And last of all, you are probabily looking for the Temple Calendar to see if the date you want is available. Click HERE to be taken to the calendar.



​Security Deposit 


Facility Rental: Banquet room* and kitchen (does not include Lodge Room)

​4 hour rate (0-4 hours)​   $187.00 

​ 6 hour rate (0-6 hours) 
​     $264.00 

 12 hour rate (0-12 hours) ​
​   $330.00

Facility Rental: Lodge Room (in addition to above rates)

​Lodge Room:​

Facility Rental: Kitchen Rental (rental of kitchen only)

​Per Event​$198.00


​During event, if Alcohol is to be offered or consumed:


​ Minimum Cleaning charge associated with rental of Banquet room:​ $250.00
​  $__________


​Anticipated Cost:


Recurring use agreement (2012 04 25).pdf
5/22/2021 12:19 PMSystem Account
SC-SLV-38 SPP -R1- Signed.pdf
5/22/2021 12:13 PMSystem Account
5/6/2022 12:40 PMSystem Account